Spring is finally here!

Tolstoy said “Spring is the time of plans and projects” and it is so true! We spring clean our homes, ready for the sun to shine in; we plant and prepare our gardens, ready for relaxing days around the bbq and many of us plan a new healthier lifestyle in time for beach bodies or just less layers!

At XPS we love Spring because we really do go into planning mode: it is the end of the financial year for us and it gives us time to reflect on the successes of the previous year and maximise all things good for the year to come! We are busy setting targets and planning exciting projects!

Over the years, we have learnt that the most effective way to plan, whether it be growing our business, an internal refurbishment project or becoming more efficient, is to follow these steps:

  1. Start by focussing on what you want to achieve
  2. Draw up a timeline of when you want to achieve it by
  3. Break down the process required to achieve your goal
  4. Identify all of the obstacles within that timeline
  5. Create solutions for managing each obstacle (these can often be the same solution!)
    & most importantly…….
  6. Delegate!! Everyone has different strengths so use these or outsource to companies or individuals who can help: don’t take it all on yourself or you will find you don’t have enough time, or energy, to achieve your goal!

Another favourite saying in our office is “Fail to plan and you plan to fail”: once you have a proven planning strategy, it will be your template for everything good!


XPS Supplier of the Year Award


We normally showcase one of our fantastic supply chain partners here. However, in this edition, we would like to announce an exciting new incentive scheme that is currently being rolled out:
XPS are launching our “Supplier of the Year Awards”. The award scheme applies to our extensive supply chain of contractors. Throughout the course of the year, each will be objectively scored for their normal activities and these will include:

Quality of Workmanship
Quarterly SLA scores
Response Times
Admin Support

The successful contractor will be presented with a certificate as our Supplier of the Year, which they can use for their own marketing purposes and a choice of a holiday voucher (sole traders) or a significant restaurant voucher (teams)! Every supplier who achieves an above average score will receive a runners up prize.

This reward scheme will not only incentivise our supply chain to perform at their very best at all times, but will thank them for their hard work and dedication!

XPS Company News


innovationTo support our customers further and ensure our service levels are continuously improving, we recognised the need to add another layer of support to our management team. We are therefore delighted to announce the appointment of Stephanie Collins to the position of Contracts Manager. Stephanie has a wealth of experience in the corporate sector and has held managerial roles for companies such as MGM, Tesco and Santander co-ordinating teams and maximising their effectiveness. Stephanie’s role is to support all contracts within the business, whether planned or reactive, by liaising with contractors, scheduling work and overseeing service delivery & quality standards. Stephanie is based at our Head Office but will be making regular visits to all of our sites.


FM Industry News


innovationFlexible Working a Must?
A recent study by digital experience consultancy Infomentum, found that 40 per cent of respondents want to work flexibly outside of a traditional office.  The highlights of the study were:

65% of respondents now use a tablet
75% of respondents use a desktop or laptop PC for less than five hours a day
56% of respondents are using VOIP and video calls daily

Despite the suggestion that employees no longer need to be office based, the reports suggests that there is a gulf between the expectation of employers and the reality of the future of working, demonstrated perhaps by the following findings in the same study:

51% of respondents are not allowed to work from home
57% of respondents say their employers wouldn’t trust them to work from home

The report raises key concerns such as the issue that mainstream use of working technologies could be leading to increased workloads for employees and that companies don’t adequately assess how appropriate new technologies are before adopting them, leading to wasted time and money.

It is an interesting topic that raises many points worth considering when planning the efficiency of your team, business growth and HR, and in particular, staff retention.



Simon Says...


Spring may be upon us and we are looking forward to warmer weather but now is the perfect time to have your heating system serviced. Servicing your boiler annually is a job which needs to be done each year to ensure your premises is safe and your boiler is working efficiently.

However many companies don’t consider looking at the efficiency of their whole heating system which would include the operation of the pumps, valves and quality of the water in the system, as this isn’t covered by a typical boiler service.

If existing radiators are very old, it is possible the interiors of the old radiators may have begun to deteriorate, this could mean loose material breaking off and travelling around the system. If it reaches the boiler, a foreign body in the water flow could cause damage to the boiler which may be costly to repair.

This can be avoided by adding a heating system service to your annual boiler service. This will involve making sure the valves and pump are operating correctly, checking your system is piped correctly and whether there are any visual signs of leaks. A system service would also include adding inhibitor, which will protect your system and remove oxygen from the heating system, this will prevent corrosion.

Simon Bowman Smith is Operations Director at XPS and has first-hand experience of every maintenance issue on the face of the earth!

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