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has Sprung
Emma Bowman Smith

We’ve done it! We have made it through another grey, wet winter & Spring is definitely here! Do you feel revitalised and full of energy?

Whilst the trees are budding and daffodils are opening, this is often the most stressful time of year for many businesses as they prepare for the financial year end: accounts to be reconciled, budgets to be set, reports to be submitted. Even if you are not caught up in this whirlwind, you may still be feel a little stressed and deflated: the motivation from the New Year has dwindled and summer holidays still seem a long way off?

Robin Williams famously said: Spring is natures way of saying “Lets Party”! So this month, we have been thinking about some tips to help us feel energised and inject a bit of vitality into our working day:

Sum it Up
If you leave work thinking you still have “so much to do”, you will be unable to switch off and relax at home.  According to Mary Ann Bauman, a US doctor and fatigue expert, unfinished tasks are major energy drains. "But if, at the end of the day, you sit for a few minutes and focus on what you have completed, and have a few ideas on how to complete tomorrow's tasks, you'll leave work feeling satisfied, accomplished and energised," she says.

Go Green
Scientists have found that people who worked with a house plant in their line of vision could concentrate more and carry out tasks 12% faster. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and other environmental pollutants that can trigger fatigue, and help you to feel more positive and energised.

Stay Wet
We all know we should drink water regularly, but why?  "Even minor dehydration can make you feel sluggish," says Holland & Barrett nutritionist Kate Butler. "By the time you feel thirsty, your body is already partially dehydrated." But don't bother with so-called energy drinks: scientists from Loughborough University's Sleep Research Centre found that, although these provide a short-term boost, consumers had slower reactions and worse concentration when tested an hour later! Try drinking a glass of water every hour.

Posture Perfect
Sitting correctly helps get more oxygen into your body & prevents you from feeling sluggish. Chartered physiotherapist Sammy Margo says "Sit tall in your chair as if you have a string coming from the top of your head down to your tailbone, with your stomach muscles pulled in and ribcage lifted. Breathe down into your ribcage to allow for a full intake of oxygen and keep your legs uncrossed for good circulation."

Look Good
Eye strain soon turns into general tiredness, as you'll know if you sit in front of a computer all day. Fortunately, there are ways to make your job easier. Try follow these easy steps to reduce eye strain:

• Select a font size of 12 points or above.

• Move your monitor so it's 33-59cm from your eyes and place the centre of the screen 10-15cm below your
  natural eye level.

• Reduce any glare by moving your monitor or getting an anti-glare cover

Emma Bowman Smith, Managing Director

XPS Company News

innovation2015 has already been a whirlwind of activity for XPS! We are delighted to have taken on some fantastic new clients and will be introducing these in the near future.

To accommodate the increase in business, we have been recruiting additional Head Office staff & new Engineers. We are also creating a new role “Customer Relationship Manager” to ensure that our clients all have a dedicated point of contact that is solely focused on ensuring we are meeting their needs and proactively improving the service.

This is all very exciting for us and we look forward to finalising the details and bringing a comprehensive update in future Newsletters!

Cliches – What do they really mean?

innovationCustomer Service

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. According to Turban et al. (2002),[1]

"Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation."

At XPS, we believe customer service is learning what our customer wants to achieve and meeting those expectations. The key to customer service for us is making the entire experience simple, effective and easy!

Can you achieve true customer satisfaction of you don’t know what your customer wants?

We’d love to hear your views on understanding the term Customer Service. Connect with us on twitter using #xpscustomerservice and tell us what it means to you & we will enter you into a prize draw for a bottle of champagne*

*Drawn at random from all contributors on 2nd May 2015

Partner Spotlight

One of the absolute pleasures of our business is solving problems for our clients and making their lives easier. This can, however, be a complicated task and servicing many different customers with different business objectives means we have to be supremely organised.

This would not be possible without our fantastic software, FuseMetrix. Designed and provided by Platinum Sky, FuseMetrix is a fully integrated system. It links customer accounts to quotes, work in progress, scheduling, invoicing, accounts and CRM, to name a few. Without doubt the simplest, yet most effective software we have ever used, and we’ve used a few!

FuseMetrix is a Cloud based platform that allows you to operate your business efficiently in a joined up manner. The application has many components that can be used with minimal set up, including: Customer relationship management (CRM), Accounts, Projects, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Human Resources. 

These components all work securely on the same platform giving a common interface your company can use throughout the business using one data. FuseMetrix can be configured quickly to extend into many other areas; such as mobile devices for sales order processing or managing onsite situations such as Health and Safety Risk Assessments.

As FuseMetrix has built in email functionality it can be linked to many other areas: Multiple Contact Records, Company Records, Sales Opportunities, Projects, Sales Order and Diaries and can be synchronised to your iOS or Android device, so you are always up to date whilst out of the office.

FuseMetrix can be integrated into your website. This could be for ecommerce or event booking, or to allow customers and partners access via portals. FuseMetrix provides you with live data and reporting and can be developed to meet your specific needs without writing or maintain bespoke code from scratch.  

FuseMetrix helps hundreds of companies and thousands of users work better and faster, from wherever they are!

To find out more please visit www.platinum-sky.com or call us on 01908 774760 to see how FuseMetrix might help you.

New XPS Product   FM Industry News


New Partitioning System
Office planning is always a headache & growing companies often have a member of staff dedicated just to the placement and movement of staff. Whether planning a refurbishment, accomodating new staff or even downsizing, office planning is key to a successful environment and a successful business.

XPS have recently been introduced to a new partitioning system, which is entirely mobile. It is not made up of flimsy screens and loosely fitted walls, but creates beautifully, bespoke office space that is stable and hard wearing. In fact, nobody would ever know it could be dismantled and moved around to form new spaces to suit the changing needs of your business! Whether creating offices, break out areas or re-configuring the space you have, this system will work for you.

Perfect for serviced offices, tenants and building owners alike, this system will revolutionise the way you grow and the costs associated with change. We are offering introductory prices to this system.

Please call us on 08445 763427 to arrange a free survey or for more information.



Blue Sky Thinking
We are busy replacing traditional office lighting with LED lighting Panels. The benefits are proven and include a more comfortable light, an increase in employee productivity & reduction in sick leave and, of course, dramatic reduction in energy costs.

However, the next generation of lighting goes one step further. “Sky Windows” which mimic the sky, can influence the way people experience a space by making it feel more spacious, inducing a physiological relaxation response and even contributing towards the easing of stress.

Data is sparse but it suggests that bringing the outside in delivers greater productivity and a much more agreeable working environment.


Simon Says...

Spring may be upon us, but we are still a while away from switching on the air conditioning.  Cast your mind back to last summer when temperatures hit 32 degrees: can you imagine working without the benefit of the air con?  Think how uncomfortable, hot, dehydrated and dare I say, sweaty you would be sat in a stuffy environment! 

Lack of air con creates an almost impossible environment and can also result in additional costs as emergency fans are bought and employees are sent home.  Don’t run this risk: make sure your air conditioning is serviced & in full working order now before it is needed!

The number of call outs to fix air conditioning units increases dramatically during the summer months.  Over 95% of these call outs are from clients who have not had their air con serviced regularly.  Statistics like this also dictate that engineers are busier and waiting times are longer!

Simon Bowman Smith is Operations Director at XPS and has first-hand experience of every maintenance issue on the face of the earth!


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